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Research Interview Registration

Do you have first-hand insights on how your organization uses technology? You may be eligible to participate in the 451 Alliance’s in-depth interview (IDI) research program.

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Qualification requirements:

  • Currently employed
  • Directly involved with or knowledgeable about how your organization (or one you provide services to) implements IT infrastructure, information security, IoT or cloud computing technology
  • Willing to have a 30-minute one-on-one interview by phone
  • English language speaker

Benefits of participation:

Participants will enjoy the entire suite of 451 Alliance member benefits, including full on-demand access to our IT research archives. Your anonymized contributions will be included in our published research for the benefit of the entire 451 Alliance membership, a global community of IT professionals and executives.

About the 451 Alliance 

The 451 Alliance is an exclusive, worldwide network of IT executives, technologists, and tech-adjacent professionals. This member-driven think tank tracks changes in corporate IT and digital infrastructure technologies well in advance of other sources. Members gain access to research and best practices in their core areas of expertise in exchange for providing their insights in occasional surveys or interviews.